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Any Other in-store concert

25 April
Any Other in-store concert

Any Other is the project of Adele Altro (they/them), Italian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer currently based in Italy. Their debut album “Silently. Quietly. Going Away” (2015, Bello Records) gets critical acclaim in Italy for the spontaneous indie-rock sound and the DIY attitude, and brings them on a long tour through Europe and UK.
Their sophomore record “Two, Geography” (released on September 14th, 2018) comes three years after Any Other’s debut. While their first work is heavily influenced by ‘90s indie, with a strong power trio sound, their second album is much more mature, complex and original.
Adele writes, sings, plays, produces and arranges all of their songs, and gets praised both from Italian and foreign press, thanks to the emotional strength of the record and a new, more mature aesthetic, filled with jazz and orchestral arrangements.
In 2020 they were part of Keychange, and were set to play Ireland Music Week and Iceland Airwaves (both canceled because of the pandemic).
Any Other released their third album “stillness, stop: you have a right to remember” on January 26th 2024.


🗓️ Thursday 25 April at 7pm
📍 Piolalibri

Event details

Date: 25 April 2024.
Time: 19:00
Venue: Piolalibri